Drawing parallels between and alpine parrot and a business does sound a little strange. In this section you will learn about the culture and values of Kea Inspire through the lens of the worlds only alpine parrot and one of the most intelligent birds.

The Kea is both mischievous (read fun), inquisitive, collaborative and solution focused. Kea's are incredibly loyal and because of the harsh environment in which they live, they are incredibly resilient. It is these attributes that are of value to Kea Inspire.

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Note: We have partnered with Kea Conservation Trust. We would invite you to follow the link on the right to help save the Kea.

About Kea Inspire

/Kea/ Noun: A New Zealand mountain parrot known for their intelligence and curiosity. Kea can solve logical puzzles, and will work together to achieve a certain objective. Kea Inspire was founded by Tony Henderson-Newport in the UK in 2013. Like its namesake, the New Zealand Kea, Kea Inspire works with business and individuals to innovate concepts and ideas and then to collaboratively make those ideas a reality. Communication is key to both the vision and to the delivery activity.

Kea Inspire has a focus on collaborative communication as a foundation piece for consulting through all aspects of business activity. Whether working with young entrepreneurs to bring a business to life or doing the hard yards creating a sustainable business, Kea Inspire works closely with businesses to innovate change, and to engage effectively with stakeholders or interest groups.  

About Tony Henderson-Newport

A Kiwi to the bone, Tony spent many years living in the UK, returning to New Zealand in 2014. Tony is a coach and mentor with specific interest in how an individual or business core message can be communicated. Tony also works with start-up and stay-ups and having worked in the IT space in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Europe is an experienced project, programme and portfolio manager.

Tony has facilitated over 30 communication workshops to business and corporates in the UK as well as presenting at national conferences in New Zealand and in the UK. As an aside he has presented at Westminster due to his work in coaching CEO’s in the UK, and attended an audience at No. 10 Downing Street through his work with the ‘not for profit’ sector in Britain. He is a Distinguished Toastmaster achieving a Triple Crown Award.

Tony is an author, a poet, a proud dad, passionate about all things Kiwi and has been delving into what makes up the Kiwi DNA... in other words, “what makes a Kiwi tick?”

The ethos of Kea Inspire, like its namesake the New Zealand alpine parrot, is to bring curiosity, problem solving and collaboration to support business objectives. Kea Inspire utilises three key attributes: Innovate, Collaborate, Communicate