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I was asked to speak at a book launch in Newbury, UK. Imagine my surprise to get off the train and recognise Tony as someone I had known in passing almost twenty years ago in NZ. In this last year I have seen Tony in action - his commitment to sustainability and to community is enormous. I loved his book, and have come to know him as a generous man with integrity, who takes action based on his moral compass. I admire him deeply and would love the opportunity to work with him. Tony brings passion, heart and sensibility to everything he does. I envy the employer who snaps him up next.

Melissa Clark-Reynolds ONZM
Professional Company Director & Digital Strategist, New Zealand

What a great guy! Tony will go out of his way to help others, inspiring and empowering where possible. Able to share his wealth of experience to help motivate and inspire others. Ability to work across all levels. Enjoys being part of a success story. Thoroughly professional, friendly, warm, genuine and giving. A real pleasure to work with.

Claire Heyes
Joint Chief Executive Officer at CORGI Technical Services Ltd, United Kingdom

I am very happy to share my experiences of the inspirational and creative Tony HN! These two alone wrapped up in the vastness of Tony's positive persona have led him to influence so many people including myself toward a much more stable and always brighter future. Tony has followed my own pathway through many entrepreneurial endeavours for over for 25 years now. It has been a magical journey of wins and losses, though thru many of the low times I could not have managed without the creative insights of Tony.

If your starting or have established a great business idea already, I recommend having a coffee with Tony (one of his favourite pass times) and start mapping out a more successful pathway forward..!

Alexander Greig
CEO, Green Magic Homes

Tony is a dynamic, charismatic , visionary. He is solution oriented, honest, hard working, intuitive and a pleasure to work with. I consider him to have natural leadership qualities and deep integrity. His concern for the world, environment, people and the importance of family are deeply ingrained into who he is. He cares!!

Belinda Archibald
Disability analyst (training)

Tony has been a business advisor with Young Enterprise and is on our local board. He is always a source of enthusiasm, energy and new ideas. He made it a priority to use his network to get new schools and advisors and with great success. Its always a pleasure to work with Tony.

Roger Edwards
Customer Solutions Manager for Identity Management at 3M

Throughout the time I have known Tony, I have found him to be very capable, thoroughly honest, and extremely hardworking. Tony and I initially worked together during my time with my business floyp.com. His ability to focus and execute, combined with his extreme hardworking ethics, positivity and advanced project management skills make him a very strong candidate. I would recommend him without hesitation.

Ian Kennedy-Compston
DevOps Automation Sales Specialist at Triangle Computer Services (Ireland) Limited