Case Study - Planning and Projects

Green Magic Homes

About: Green Magic Homes brings earth covered housing into the realm economic possibility.   Before GMH FRP technology the cost and benefits of earth sheltered housing was out of reach of the usual majority global  middle class  citizen.   There would be 400% more volume of concrete and 75% greater volume of wood to obtain the same result.   The benefits are many including the superior earthquake performance apart from the concrete slab these domes will be happy in a 9 to 10 earthquake.   Many other vendors are shown on the marketing flyers.

What we were asked to do: To join the Green Magic Homes Advisory Board with a focus on strategy and planning as they took on the Australasian distributorship for  new form of eco housing. We were also asked to advise on presentation style to ensure they appropriately 'pitched' to the different audiences (investment & business partners) in a way that ensured clarity of message and desired outcome. 

Outcome: There was a clear need to be more structured in our approach and to ensure that stakeholders bought into the proposed strategy. Kea Inspire provided strategy and planning advice leading to way forward for the Green Magic Homes team. They were professional and operated with high integrity engaging the various interest groups. Their insight and direction ensured Green Magic Homes developed a sustainable and robust business model. With regard to presentation skills, Kea Inspire are stand-out. The feedback they provided gave real punch to our business pitch. We would highly recommend Kea Inspire.