Resource Partners - International

Sea Eagle Consulting

Sea Eagle Consulting offer the consultancy as below:

  • Promoting international education of NZ
  • Organize Sea Eagle Study Tour for Chinse students for intensive experience in Wellington.
  • Assist in promoting New Zealand education systems via the training sessions in China.
  • Specialize in building relationships between New Zealand and China’s schools.
  • facilitating trading between China and NZ
  • Experienced in facilitating imports and exports between Chinese and New Zealand markets.
  • We have assisted a number of NZ companies research and enter the Chinese market through Sea Eagle Consulting. Most companies were in the food or beverage sector, especially trading NZ wine. We have traveled extensively in China, SE Asia & Europe, totally over 20 counties for trading.
  • Assisting Local Government:Build and maintain collaborative relationships between the Chinese government and New Zealand local councils.

Our wealth of experience and resources can help make your goals a reality from start to finish. Everything Sea Eagle Consulting does is tailored specifically to meet your needs.