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The Gift Trust

From giving back to the community, to creating a legacy and educational tool for the next generation, people give for many reasons. With more than 27,000 Kiwi charities to choose from, an increasing administrative burden to maintain a private foundation or trust, uncertainty about whether gifts have an impact, and persistent requests for continued donations, giving is not always an easy matter.

The Gift Trust's Donor-Advised Gift Accounts helps make giving easier. It provides the equivalent of a private foundation, without the admin burden. The Gift Trust provide premium philanthropic support for those who donate over $5,000 per year. They help donors navigate the giving journey from basic research on the charities you care about - checking their charitable status to their financial viability - to providing advice on how to give more effectively using a variety of grant options. They provide anonymity on donations, provide insight into what you favourite charity's needs might be, and report back on the impact of your donations, all while covering a full range of compliance and administration services under their charitable umbrella.

Contact them if you, your business or an existing trust are interested in giving that is easy and effective.