People sometimes get confused between planning and projects. The easy way to explain the difference is to know that the brief (or scope) of project, in other words, WHAT is going to be delivered. The plan is the HOW it will be delivered. Plans also come in different shapes and styles. For example a business plan is different from a project plan which is also different from a marketing or communication plan. What is evident is that businesses that plan effectively are more likely to engender success. 

Kea Inspire have experience in Planning for projects and programmes. Working with business owners from SME to corporate provides capability to support planning outcomes. Whether in project or change management; or evolving a business or strategic plan, Kea Inspire brings experience from the business battlegrounds in New Zealand and overseas. Principles, methodology and stakeholders are valuable consideration elements for start-ups through to established business.

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Top Tip: Identify ALL stakeholders and engage with them as early as possible. Note: Stakeholders can range from users of your product or service to management to government departments, relative to the business, product or service.