Start-up & Stay-ups

Start-up, refers to a new business venture. Stay-up refers to business being sustainable. 

Start-ups in most modern cities refers to the exponential growth of new business in the IT space. The truth though is that any new business, be it in retail, tourism or IT, requires the business owner to have an entrepreneurial drive or fervor to breathe life into the new venture. There will be important elements… the business model, marketing, sales, managing overheads, staff management, finance etc… 

Stay-ups on the other hand require a different approach. This is more about consolidating business practice and business owner behaviour. It is about maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit but embracing the art of business to maximise business success by lowering business risk. 

Kea Inspire is a business advisor to ‘start-ups’ and has specialisation in the ‘stay-up’ space.  

Top tip: Pay attention to business basics. These include legal, financial, admin, HR for example. Note: There is a difference between the vision of the new business and the detail required to run it. This is an important distinction. The detail is in the business basics.