Case Study - Business Advisory

New Zealand Study (NZ Study International Limited)

About: New Zealand Study is an innovative start-up poised to revolutionise the way international students come to New Zealand. International education is an industry of rapid growth in New Zealand, now the 5th largest export industry in the country. Students currently use agents to help choose a study destination and degree, similar to a traditional travel agent but for education. NZ Study will provide a strong on-line portal with deep valid and approved information for students wishing to study in New Zealand that will disrupt the traditional international agency process.  

New Zealand Study is the go-to place for prospective international students to New Zealand like a TripAdvisor for studying. Not only is it a reliable and aggregated source of information, but also a platform for students to find the best education provider for them. Education providers can use NZ Study to market their institution or specific courses.

What we were asked to do: We were asked to help develop, an experienced Advisory Board for New Zealand Study. We were also asked to play an intricate role on the Advisory Board to support the refinement of the business model and development of website and mobile apps. Additionally we were asked to provide communication support as the business looked to pitch New Zealand Study to different interest groups including potential investors. 

Outcome: New Zealand Study has a strong and vibrant advisory board with appropriate and complimentary skills. The business model is subject to continual review as we support discussion and planning to consolidate possible partnerships and revenue potential. The founders have stronger capability to pitch New Zealand Study in a variety of business settings.

Comment from NZ Study:┬áTony’s wisdom, passion and drive has been critical in the progression of New Zealand Study. Without Tony’s mentorship and input into New Zealand Study, we would not be on the cusp of disrupting one of New Zealand’s largest and most important export industries.