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Research Services Ltd - Don’t assume it, research it!

Research Services Ltd is a cross between a human Google and Sherlock Holmes, due to our flexibility to research information in any industry, our variety of expertise and a 'can do' attitude. We search from two hours upwards, using a variety of primary and secondary research methods, to give you relevant, unbiased and affordable information to help you make an informed decision.

We have performed the following services for businesses, organisations, not-for-profits and business chambers:

  • Boutique business surveys
  • new business idea validation
  • market & background research
  • generating sales leads
  • Business awards – background research & stakeholder

Benefits to you
The benefits to you outsourcing this research to Research Services Ltd are

  • Gives you more time to work on your core business and your client’s needs.
  • Our research is totally unbiased, independent and confidential.
  • Increases your success rate of what you want to achieve.