Rebel Business School Aotearoa

Rebel Business School Aotearoa provides 2, 5 and 10 day FREE business building courses including:

  1. How to set a business up for free

  2. Build a website with no money

  3. The quickest way to find a customer

  4. Motivational, confidence building content

  5. The quickest way to start-up

“Rebel Business School is about providing the confidence and skills to start a business with no money”


We deliver a 10-day, 20-workshop business building course.
It’s free to attend. We provide tools, knowledge and confidence to help people who want to start their own business get it going. It’s also a brilliant refresher opportunity for business owners ready to consider how they might adjust and continue to thrive. Our programme is immersive, interactive, and gets results.

Other Rebel Programmes include:

● Rebel Bootcamp (5-Days)

● Rangatahi Hustle (5-Days)

● Rebel Night School (2-Days oer week for 6-Weeks)

● Rebel Business Plan Sprint (1-Day per week for 2 Weeks)

Our topics include:  
● How to start a business with NO money 
● How to feel more confident to get going 
● The dark art of sales and marketing 
● How to make a website for free 
● Frog-eating: how to get things done 
● The legal stuff – compliance 


How does it work?

During the FREE course, attendees are provided with relevant information to get their business off the ground and actually start their business. The Rebel Business School advocates start-up without business loans.